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Care and Handling

  1. Protect doors from soiling, damage and moisture during delivery.
  2. Avoid delivering to a building site until surrounding plaster, cement, etc., has dried.
  3. Inspect your door(s) promptly after receipt.
  4. Keep doors clean and handle with clean hands and equipment.
  5. Avoid dragging doors across one another or other surfaces.
  6. Store on a level surface, in a dry, well-ventilated building.
  7. Cover to keep clean but allow air circulation.
  8. Do not subject doors to abnormal heat, dryness or humidity, or sudden changes such as forced heat to rapidly dry out a building.
  9. If doors are to be stored on the building site, all wood surfaces, including edges and ends, must be properly sealed with an approved sealer to prevent undue moisture changes.

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