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I'm right smack in the middle of remodeling an old house I just purchased and a standard size door will not fit in the opening and I cannot make the opening any wider, what can I do? John in Illinois

John, you've come to the right place, non-standard door sizes are as easy for us to make as a standard size doors, we make our doors one at a time so size is not an issue. We can make any of the designs any width up to 42" wide or any height up to 96" high in 1 3/8" thick or 13/4" thick all at your option.

I really like your design #3M in your "Curved Arch Top" door designs, and I am trying to find a way to bring in additional natural lighting into the room and still maintain some privacy, can I get that design in the "Derby Series" with obscured glass in the top 2 panels? Shelly in Missouri

That would make a beautiful door Shelly and yes most designs can be ordered with all Glass or Glass and Wood panels used in combination to achieve your own unique look. There are many options available including Flat Clear glass, Beveled glass, Pattern glass, as well as custom sand blasted glass to your design.

I am building a new home with a touch of Southwestern Style architecture and your radius top doors would be a perfect finishing touch to the look I am trying to achieve. Is it hard to find arched trim to fit the opening for the door? Loretta in Texas

That should not be a problem Loretta, with all the innovation over the years in arched window and transom designs arched trim components have become more common place and most building products suppliers have sources for arched moldings, If not, we do have arched trim components available in all the same species as the doors.

We love decorating with wood and in the house we are building we are using both Maple and Cherry trim, I have two questions, can I order a door with mixed species to match my kitchen cabinets? And what do I do if I have cherry trim in a hallway leading to a bedroom that is all Maple, what specie of door would I use here? Bonnie in Ohio

Good news Bonnie, we can help you in both of your needs, yes, you can order any of the door designs in a mixed species. For example, you can order a Maple door with Cherry panels to tie in with your kitchen cabinets, and to solve your other problem you could order a door with Maple on one side to match the trim in the bedroom and Cherry on the other side to match your trim in the hallway, mix and match any way to fit your very own decorating needs.

I really like some of your unique door designs, I like to have something different than all the other houses on the block, but I would like to be able to use it in conjunction with a transom and matching side lite, can I get a matching side lites or transom to go with my doors? John in New Jersey

John, you may order matching side lites and transoms to enhance any opening in your house's interior. These are becoming more popular today with the rising energy costs, this is a good way to help increase natural lighting throughout the house lessening the need to turn on the lights.

We are adding on to our house that was built about 80 years ago, it has beautiful 4 panel doors with 5" wide stiles and we would like to maintain the design in the new addition. Can we get a door design different than what you show available on your website? Tom in Virginia

Custom door designs are available Tom and can be quoted by submitting a sketch of your design along with size information, quantity and species.

My house will have Ash cabinets and trim, you do not have that species listed, is it possible to get doors in a species other than what you have shown on your web site? Ben in Iowa

Yes Ben, other species are available on a custom order basis and are quoted on a job by job basis.

I have your design #37 doors through out my house in the 1 3/8" thickness, can I use this same design in 1 3/4" for our exterior door? Jean in Pennsylvania

All of our doors are manufactured for interior use only Jean, and use of them in an exterior application would void the warranty.

I see that you offer 15-Lite "French Doors" with clear beveled glass, I really like this style but I am looking for something that offers a little more privacy, can I get this style of door with beveled obscured glass to still allow light in but also offer increased privacy? Valerie in Wisconsin

Yes, custom options such as this are available, Valerie, we have made doors just like the door you are describing and it makes a very beautiful door offering just what your looking for, additional light passage and additional privacy.

We are planning on building in the near future and we are trying to decide on what door designs we would like, we would like to have the bifold doors compliment the passage doors, but not necessarily match, can we mix and match designs to get the look we want? Trent in Texas

All of our doors are available with matching bifolds and many of the designs are complimentary to each other, Trent, you can mix and match them any way you would like to achieve the look you want, if needed, custom designs are an option as well. Good luck with your building project.

All my millwork is coming prefinished from the manufacturer, do you offer doors prefinished? Jill in Oklahoma

Jill we do not prefinish doors at Stallion but we can ship them direct to your prefinisher or we can have them prefinished for you.

Does the standard stile width on a Stallion door work for 1 3/4" backset hardware? John in Minnesota

Yes John, but not on all door designs depending on the hardware. It will work on all doors that have a lock rail. It will also work on all flat panel doors - they have a 4 7/32" stile face measurement. And it may work on raised panel doors without a lock rail. I depends on the size of the rose (the ring around the lock). If it is a standard 2 3/8" rose it will work. If the rose is over 2 1/2" it will not work. Excellent question John, we get this question frequently.

Where can I purchase Stallion Doors and Millwork Doors?

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