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Vertical Grain Pine

General Information:

Pine in general is a wonderful species to work with, it looks great, smells great and its hard to beat the charm that the natural warm colors that pine can bring to a room. What makes vertical grain pine special is the way it is cut into lumber or veneers. Lumber that is cut tangent to the annual rings with rings at angles 0 - 45 degrees with the wide surface produces plain-sawed lumber which is how most lumber is cut, lumber that is cut radially to the rings with rings at angles of 45 - 90 degrees to the wide surface or parallel to the rays produces vertical-grained lumber which has a very uniform pinstripe grain presenting a formal classy appearing door.


Patula pine is from the family Pinaceae. It is a favored plantation species in Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and elsewhere in Africa. It is also planted in Australia, Brazil, India, Argentina and New Zealand. It grows to heights of 115 feet with trunk diameters of 18 - 60 inches.


Pine is used in many applications in furniture, cabinets, millwork, doors, paneling, and many other uses.

Color Characteristics:

The sapwood of the plantation grown material is not easily distinguishable from heartwood. It is one of the whitest of pines with distinct growth rings. As compared to other pines, this is rather non-resinous and has very little odor.

Physical Properties:

Pine saws and machines easily, takes and holds nails well and makes an excellent glue joint.


Pine can be stained or painted. In general, a nicely sanded surface using multiple grits with a final sanding using 150 grit sandpaper will help to achieve a uniform finish across the whole surface. Some finish manufacturers recommend the application of a wash coat prior to staining to create a more even appearance. Your finish supplier would be happy to provide you with their recommended finish for your application.

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