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Explore the possibilities in the Stallion Collection of interior doors. For any taste, the Stallion Collection of designs, panel types and quality in crafsmanship offers exceptional value and selection to achieve the look you want.

Available in 10 different species - Poplar, Oak, Knotty Pine, Vertical Grain Pine, Cathedral Pine, Birch, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany and Hickory - each having distinct characteristics in color and grain to complement any decorating theme found throughout your home. Here are just a few of the unlimited design ideas you can choose from.

Red Oak hardwoods are chosen for their prominent and beautiful grain patterns which vary from a close-knit vertical grain to a sweeping arch. Some color variation is possible in its natural state.
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Birch is a hardwood with smooth, fine, uniform grain and characteristic light coloring. Colors can vary from creamy white to medium brown.
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Knotty Pine is a soft wood that is usually light colored with pink-brown variations in color. The knotty grade is an ideal choice for a rustic door offering its own unique charm with its mix of color, knots and character.
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Vertical Grain Pine is a soft wood that is usually light colored with pink-brown variations offering an ideal surface for stained or painted finishes. The vertical grain cut provides a uniform yet elegant look to the door.
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Cathedral Pine is a soft wood that is usually light colored with pink-brown variations in the color. The flowing majestic look of the arched grain of the cathedral pine will add regal appeal to any room it resides in.
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Cherry hardwoods are rich in color and have a smooth texture with flowing grain patterns. Cherry has a pinkish hue and can exhibit shades of white, yellow, green and gray. Small spots, holes and flecks are characteristic.
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Poplar hardwoods, with their smooth texture and fine grain, offer and ideal surface for stained or painted finishes. Poplar is yellow in color with occasional streaks of gray and green.
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Maple is a close grained hardwood which possesses a uniform texture. It is usually straight grained but is sometimes found with highly figured birdseye or burl grain. Colors can vary from creamy white to light brown.
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Mahogany is a fine grained hardwood with a medium texture. The grain is straight but may contain parallel runs resembling ribbions. Color is generally reddish brown but may sometimes be lighter with a pale red to grayish tinge.
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Hickory is a hardwood with a coarse texture and closed grain. It is typically a straighter grained wood with some waviness. Hickory's contrasting color, ranging from white to a reddish-brown, adds to its's overall appeal. It accepts stain well and finishes beatifully. more info

Paintable Species Some species with fine textured grain such as Poplar, Birch or Maple make an excellent choice for a painted door.

Mixed Species Combine species for a custom look that's uniquely your own. Sample shown combines Birch panels with Cherry stiles and rails. (Saratoga Design #37)

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